Baltreiss is looking for carriers to work on round trips

Baltreiss is a dynamically growing company. We organize cargo transportation mainly 24 tons, in Europe, Scandinavia CIS regions and the Baltic States. Our customers are demanding in terms of delivery time and the quality we expect from our carrier partners.

At the moment, we are searching for the partners to work in:

• Southern Norway and Sweden
• Germany and Benelux
• We also have a lot of work on a freight basis in the Baltics and the CIS

It is worth working with us because we have:

  • Good prices, and a flexible system that adapts to the market and fuel prices.

  • Trailers - we provide trailers for rent at a profitable price.

  • Payments are always at the time and there is also the possibility of quick payment.

  • We are focused on long-term cooperation. Many partners have been working with us for more than 10 years.

  • We provide fuel cards and pay for roads, tunnels, and bridges in the region at a high cost.

  • Each car has its own dispatcher who plans the route, buys ferry tickets, and helps the driver.
We also help our partners at those ways:

  • More favorable prices for insurance and consultations in the event of an insured event.
  • All cars are equipped with GPS and kilometers are recorded only by them

We also help our carriers to find drivers. Every week we send our partners a list of available drivers.

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